Listen. Talk. Decide.

Leading people isn't easy. Leading a bunch of eccentrics, outcasts, criminals and other misfits is impossible.

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Release Date
Episode 1 2017
Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
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An episodic, nonlinear, narrative-driven game set in a gritty science fiction universe.

You are leading a diverse group of outcasts in their endeavor to build a new home on an uncharted world brimming with mysteries. But the greatest mysteries to be found lie with the people you brought with you.

Choose carefully who you befriend and who you piss off as you will have to live with the consequences.
You're no action hero - words are your only weapon.

Story and Setting

You are one of 100 people who took the risk of a two months interstellar flight to start a new life on the unexplored planet Moscura.

In the newly founded colony Black Falls the struggle for survival is part of your everyday life. But sandstorms, food shortages and wild animals become minor matters as soon as you begin to uncover Moscura’s real mysteries.

The story is mature and takes its characters seriously, avoiding typical clichés. Dealing with topics such as drugs, religion and abuse of power.

"Life is an endless labyrinth. Every day, every hour, every minute:
A new crossroad on our path. We can’t stop, can’t head back.
Time pushes us forward, forces us to choose."


Talk to your fellow colonists and help them solve their conflicts - or let them escalate intentionally. Use the information gathered in dialogues and by examining the environment to unlock new conversation topics.

Manage the colony‘s development by deciding in which buildings to invest your sparse resources. Keep up the colony‘s security, health and morale. And choose how to deal with unforeseen events.

All your actions will be judged by the people around you. You‘ll make new friends and inevitably bitter opponents.

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Julius Kuschke
Game Design, Writing,
Project Management

Mats Krengel
Game Client Development

Martin Beierling
Game Client Development

Torben Ludwig
Game Server Development

Christof Grobelski
Character Art

Marvin Herbring
Environment Art